When it comes to interviewing for a job, you understand the importance of preparation and practice. But do you also know the importance of showing that you align with company culture?  Employers are looking for people whose personalities mesh well with the existing group, whose values align with organizational values and who have working preferences that match their existing leadership style. Use these strategies to show you match company culture during an interview.

Study Their Values, and Match them To Your Own

Most companies publish their mission and vision on their website. If you can’t find it clearly stated on the company website, browse their social media profiles and read local business journal articles about the organization to try and glean their perspective.

Once you have a feel for their core values, take inventory of your own values. Find places where you identify overlap. During the interview, talk about those overlapping values and how they inform the way you do your work.

Learn To Make Effective Small Talk

Many companies use group interviews and some even put you in situations where you must interact with members of the existing team in a social situation.  If you find yourself in one of these types of interviews, make sure to put your best foot forward. Practice making great small talk, focus on showing interest in what other people have to say, and be ready to talk about your passion for your work.

One note of caution: If you are invited to a company happy hour or outing to meet the team, have one adult beverage, tops. Even if everyone else drinks more, you want to remain in control at all times.

Show Knowledge, Not Desperation

Pretend for a moment you’ve landed an interview with your number one ideal employer. Showing your passion for what they do is easy in a case like this, but you don’t want to come off as a “brand stalker.” Employers want to know what you bring to the table, and while they want you to like what they do, too much enthusiasm can come across as desperation.

Show you are knowledgeable about the company and you’re passionate about what they do by talking about new initiatives you’ve read about, products they are developing, etc.  Show your true passion by creating a plan for what you would do if you were offered the position and talking about your goals for the role.

Talk About Teamwork

Teamwork is critical in today’s corporate environments and very few roles require isolation. In an interview, talk about how you focus on achieving your own goals but also driving the team towards its goals, as well. When you talk about achievements, consider talking about your contribution to a team effort, and when you talk about failures, never blame other people.

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