When a hiring manager says, “we will get back to you,” is it time to throw yourself a party – or prepare for the worst? The truth is, it depends on who you ask. Some hiring managers use this type of vague, neutral language to avoid tipping their hand. Other hiring managers use it to send a signal that no, you’re probably not going to get the job. While some others actually mean, “we will get back to you.” So, what do you do when you hear these dreaded words after an interview?

Try to Prevent the Situation From the Beginning

Before you leave an interview, ask specifically about next steps and the decision timeline. Do your best, without getting pushy, to try to get an actual date or date range from the interviewer. This will give you an idea of when you can expect to hear something, and it also gives you a timeframe for following up appropriately.

Exercise Patience

Yes, finding a job is extremely important to you. And filling the position is important to an employer. However, their timeline is often much looser than yours. It’s very common for hiring decisions to take longer than expected. After an interview, take time to send a thank-you note to everyone you spoke with; then wait.

Patience is extremely important during this in-between time. You never want to call or email too soon or too often. Hiring managers want you to be interested and passionate about their opening, but they don’t want to deal with pushy people. If you were given a specific time frame, never follow up before the date you were given. And even then, wait a day or two to follow up. If you were not given a specific date, wait at least one week before calling or emailing the hiring manager.

Know You May Not Get a Call Back

If you followed up respectfully and still don’t receive any type of response, it’s likely you are not going to be offered the position. During a job search, it is important to recognize that you do not have any control over the process and unfortunately, the entire situation is in someone else’s hands

If you don’t hear back, don’t put your search on hold while you wait. It could be weeks before the company sends out final notices saying the position was filled. The best thing you can do for your self-esteem and your job search is to keep pushing forward. You won’t be the right fit for every job you apply to, but there is a job out there you will be a great fit for. You won’t find it you’re waiting around for the phone to ring.

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