Leadership philosophies are always changing, and as you think about growing your career through new opportunities, you’ll want to strategize ways to position yourself as a leader of the future. Every company will have its own priorities when it comes to hiring leaders, but these three areas of focus are a priority for most companies that are looking for the leaders of tomorrow.

One: Culture

Organizational culture is extremely important to business today. Culture is the “personality” of the organization and it has a major impact on a company’s ability to recruit and retain top talent. If you want to show that you are a leader of the future, you must focus on culture.

In interviews, showcase your ability to relate to different personalities and lead different types of people. Improving diversity is a major push for modern companies, but even if your company lacks diversity, you will still be leading teams of unique personalities. Your ability to empathize with people and figure out how to leverage their personalities to motivate them will impact your success.

Two: Technology

Every business in every industry relies on technology to make the company more efficient and more effective. No matter what business you are in, it is essential to stay on top of technology trends in your field.

Showcase the ways you make an effort to learn new technology and stay ahead of technology trends. It will also be important to discuss the ways in which you help your team members navigate and embrace change that comes with adopting new technology. Any time an organization rolls out new technology there can be struggles. People may find it difficult to learn new hardware and software, and many people worry that technology will make them obsolete. If you can position yourself as a master of technology and change management, you’ll be in demand.

Three: Innovation

In today’s competitive marketplace, companies that do not innovate will struggle to compete. Innovation is a key driver of success, so as you think about advancing your leadership career, think about the way you approach innovation.

Talk about your commitment to encouraging employees to try new things and to collaborate to solve problems. Discuss the ways you help your employees learn when they fail and to use that failure as a springboard to succeed. It is also wise to talk about the way you approach pushback from leadership when you’re trying to launch a new idea because leadership buy-in is essential to innovation.

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